Monday, March 10, 2014

M27 - The Dumbbell Nebula

M27 - The Dumbbell Nebula
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This image was obtained with the wide-field view of the Mosaic camera on the Mayall 4-meter telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory. M27, also known as the 'Dumbbell Nebula', is a famous planetary nebula. The central portion of the nebula is quite bright, however it also has a faint outer halo that is clearly visible in this deep image. The image was generated with observations in the Oxygen [OIII] (blue), Hydrogen-Alpha (red) and Sulphur [SII] (green) filters. In this image, North is left, East is down.
Image Credit: T.A. Rector (University of Alaska Anchorage) and H. Schweiker (WIYN and NOAO/AURA/NSF)
Image enhancement: Jean-Baptiste Faure

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