Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Emission Nebula NGC 6164-5 imaged at Gemini South

The Emission Nebula NGC 6164-5 imaged at Gemini South
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The emission nebula NGC 6164-5 is a rectangular, bipolar cloud with rounded corners and a diagonal bar producing an inverted S-shaped appearance. It lies about 4,200 light-years away in the constellation Norma. The nebula measures about 4.2 light-years across, and contains gases ejected by the star HD 148937 at its heart. This star is 40 times more massive than the Sun, and at about three to four million years of age, is past the middle of its life span. Stars this massive usually live to be only about six million years old, so HD 148397 is aging fast. It will likely end its life in a violent supernova explosion.
Credit: Gemini Observatory

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Catherine Laplace-Builhe said...

Je n'ai jamais vu une telle splendeur !!

Jean-Baptiste Faure said...

C'est vrai qu'elle est magnifique, cette nébuleuse assez peu connue !!

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